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Informations pratiques

Registration for year 2021-2022

at Montessori schools are secular independent private schools.

For full time attendance (8.30am-4pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

  • the registration fee is 500 euros, to be paid only for the first school year at at Montessori
  • the annual school fees are 11,480 euros for the 2-3 year old class or 10,980 euros for the 3-6 year old class
  • the annual canteen fee is 1 100 euros

In order to secure your child’s place, we ask you to pay a deposit at the time of enrolment, which will be deducted from the first term’s payment (and from the enrolment fee in the case of a first entry).

School and canteen fees are collected each trimester according to the schedule below:

Schooling period concerned Registration fees Associated tuition fees Associated canteen costs Payment dates
T1 – September to December         500 euros        (1st entry)            3 827 euros             or 3 660 euros 367 euros June 1st N (01/06/N)
T2 – January to March            3 827 euros             or 3 660 euros 367 euros December 1st N (01/12/N)
T3 – April to July            3 826 euros             or 3 660 euros 366 euros March 1st N+1 (01/03/N+1)

Admission procedure:

The admission procedure for at Montessori bilingual schools is very simple.

It consists of four steps:

1) A contact by phone or email for a first exchange and for us to have your contact details.
2) A private visit of the school to meet you and your child.
3) You send us back the registration form and the deposit.
4) We select the candidates and confirm your child’s enrolment.

Open-door meetings are organised throughout the year and registrations take place between November 2020 and March 2021. Registration for 2021/2022 closes in March 2021.

 The number of available places in a classrom composition (age/gender/first language balance) and a family’s objectives in choosing a Montessori education are important factors considered in accepting an application.

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Ateliers et stages

Every wednesday

The school offers workshops every Wednesday throughout the school year

In at Montessori schools in Paris, we practice bilingualism by immersion from an early age.

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