Mouffetard school


Mouffetard school
28 rue du Fer à moulin
75005 Paris


School fees: € 9 900


Caterer: € 1100


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  • Numbers: 24 children
  • Days open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Opening times:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 am to 4 pm
    Wednesday: 8:30am to 11:30am


One Montessori educator, one English speaking assistant, one arts professor and one music professor.
During the school year, we welcome Montessori educator trainees as well as early childhood educator trainees.
Each child learns to become independent and to respect the rules of community life.
On a daily basis and in respect of his rhythm, the manipulation and the apprehension of the material allow the child to improve his concentration and to work on his dexterity.
The Mouffetard school offers an international environment open to multicultural exchange and diversity.
The child, immersed in a bilingual classroom, discovers, absorbs and naturally becomes familiar with a new language.

Time schedule

8:30/9:00 am: Children’s welcoming.
We invite you to respect these schedules for the smooth running of the class.

Morning: Montessori activity time
The Montessori educator presents the activities to each child throughout the morning. This way, she adapts to the child’s rhythm and can have an individualized follow-up with each child. While the Montessori teacher presents an activity to a child, the others can work alone or in small groups with the help of the assistant.

  • Musical awakening: hosted by a certified music teacher, a Spanish-speaking guitar teacher. Playful recognition of sound parameters, singing, listening games, reproduction of rhythms, initiation to world music, manipulation of simple instruments, etc.
  • Art workshop: animated by a professional visual artist: Initiation to different techniques (sponge, stencil, modelling, papier-mâché, …), sensory exploration work on materials, colours and shapes.
  • Other workshops are also offered on a very regular basis: Yoga, gardening, cooking, crafts … and educational outings are organized in the immediate area: Jardin des plantes, picnic, Ménagerie, Grande Galerie …

Lunch takes place in the classroom. A hot meal is delivered by the caterer “Ekilibre” who offers balanced, varied and very often organic menus. In case of food allergy (medical certificate required), the child can bring a packed lunch.

The children have lunch with their educators, they choose their place freely and serve themselves if they wish. They participate in setting the table and serving the food. It is a moment of convivial sharing, in the continuity of school life.

Rest time:
Preparation of the children registered for the day for the nap. Each child has a small mattress. We ask you to bring a blanket at the beginning of the school year.

Afternoon :
Staggered wake-up: everyone wakes up at his or her own pace and prepares for the afternoon.
Resumption of Montessori activities.
Outing to the park: all the children of the school, the youngest but also the oldest, go to the garden to enjoy the great outdoors.
Gathering, reading a story before going out.
Departure of the children.

School holidays

The school holiday calendar is that of the Ministry of National Education except for the long holidays which start on the last Friday of June after school.

Exchanges with parents

We wish to promote communication between parents and educators on the basis of mutual trust and respect between adults, which we consider indispensable to ensure the necessary continuity, complementarity and coherence in educational attitudes between the family and school environments of the children we welcome.

To support this choice, we propose the following:

  • A detailed welcome charter given to new families (to be signed)
  • A pre-school meeting specifically for new parents.
  • A collective parent/teacher meeting at the beginning of the school year (mid-September)
  • One or more pedagogical meetings during the year (presentation of Montessori material and/or discussion on education-related themes)
  • Individual interviews every quarter
  • If necessary: individual interviews during the year at our request or at the request of the families.
  • Welcoming parents into the classrooms: “Parents’ coffee” or “exhibition of children’s work” mornings. Every year, parents can come and spend a moment observing their child’s class. The participation of parents is also punctually requested on the occasion of the school festivities, to present their job, their workplace or to lead a specific workshop in class…

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